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Steel angle classification and range

Steel angles come in a large variety of equal and unequal steel angle sizes. Depending on their production technology, they can be both hot-rolled and bent. Rolled angles have higher strength, while bent angles are used where heavy loads are not expected.

Equal angles have legs of equal length and can be effectively used for various purposes. Unequal angles, in turn, are used for non-standard applications.

Angles can have the following rolling accuracy:

  • high (А);
  • extra-high (B);
  • normal (C).

Based on their dimensions, angles can be of cut-to-length, multiple cut-to-length or random length size. They can also have a length limit within a cut-to-length range. In addition, the angle between the legs can vary.

The width of each of the two angle legs, according to the applicable standards, varies from 25 mm to 200 mm and the thickness is a maximum of 30 mm, while the length can be made to the customer’s requirements up to 12 m. To select and buy the right material, the project’s applications need to be taken into consideration.

Equal angles

According to the standards, hot-rolled equal steel angles are manufactured with a length of 4-12 m. They can be of cut-to-length, random length and multiple cut-to-length size, or have a length limit within the random length range. Such products are manufactured according to the following standards, among others: CIS standards from the St3sp, St3ps, 09G2S, 09G2SD and 15HSND steel grades; European standards from the S235JR, S275JR, S355JR, S355J0 and S275J0 steel grades; and US standards from the ASTM A36 / A36M and Grade 50 steel grades.

Steel angle range – CIS standards

These standards are followed to manufacture goods from the following steel grades: St3sp, St3ps, 09G2S, 09G2SD and 15HSND, among others. The size of angle legs varies from 20*20 mm to 250*250 mm, and their thickness varies from 3 mm to 35 mm. The harmonised European standard DSTU EN 10025-2 is now also applicable in Ukraine, which is used to manufacture angles with the strength parameters of the S235, S275 and S355 steel grades.

Steel angle range – European standards

In Europe, one main standard – EN 10025-2 – sets forth the requirements for application and technical features of several steel grades, including S235JR, S235J0, S235J2, S275JR, S275J0, S275J2, S355JR, S355J0 and S355J2. The key standard with respect to angle dimensions and tolerances is EN 10056, which approves the manufacture of equal steel angles with dimensions from 20*20*3 mm to 250*250*35 mm.

Steel angle range – US standards

In the US, ASTM A6 / A6M is the main standard defining specifications for steel sections, while several standards are in place with respect to steel grades, the most common of which are ASTM A36 / A36M and ASTM A529 / A529M. The standard size range is from 19*19*3.2 mm to 305*305*34.9 mm.