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Square steel bars

Minimum order quantity from:5 ton

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квадрат металлопрокат

Square steel bars

Minimum order quantity from:5 ton
квадрат металлопрокат

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Steel bars of square with side from 8 mm to 40 mm.

Hot rolled steel square bar is used in numerous types of industrial applications, including:

  • Ramps
  • Structural support
  • Trailers
  • Walkways
  • General fabrication
  • Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Steel Square Bar
  • Hot rolled square bar maintains many beneficial properties that separate it from other processes such as cold rolling.

Steel square bar is also less expensive to manufacture than cold rolled steel and is often produced without pauses or delays in the process, so the steel doesn’t need to be reheated. During the cooling process, hot rolled steel will shrink and the size and shape of the steel will be less predictable than cold rolled steel.

Hot rolling usually uses large ingots and large reduction rolling, which not only improves production efficiency, but also creates conditions for increasing rolling speed and achieving continuous and automated rolling process. Some of the other benefits associated with hot rolled steel square bar include:
Increased malleability
Numerous applications
Less expensive than cold rolling
High rate of production
Cold vs Hot Rolled Square Bar
The hot rolling process for steel square bar allows for the metal to be shaped and formed more easily and creates larger sizes. Hot rolling is generally less expensive than cold rolling since it can become a finished product without timing delays. Conversely, the cold rolling process increases the strength of the finished product by as much as 20 percent, while creating a gray finish that is smooth to the touch.

Both hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel start out in largely the same way and both can have the same grades and specifications. But cold rolled steel undergoes additional processing steps, resulting in improved properties that can be exploited for different applications. Each type of steel has its advantages and disadvantages and costs for the two types of steel can also vary widely.

HR steel square bar provides a wide variety of beneficial features, including:
Slightly rounded edges and corners (due to shrinkage).
Slight distortions, where cooling may leave slightly trapezoidal forms rather than perfectly squared angles.
Scaled surfaces due to the extreme temperature cooling process.