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Steel strip

Minimum order quantity from:5 ton

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Полоса металл Запорожье

Steel strip

Minimum order quantity from:5 ton
Полоса металл Запорожье

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Standard strip sizes are hot-rolled steel 4 – 60 mm thick and 11 – 200 mm wide. The length of the hot-rolled strip may vary depending on the type and purpose, but its deviations should not exceed the norm.

Hot-rolled steel strip is a product of rolled metal with a rectangular cross-section. It is applied in various fields, ranging from heavy mechanical engineering to construction and artistic forging.

Also hot-rolled strip is a material from which different kinds of metal products are made. These can be jumpers and linings, nuts, cutting tools, springs, shock absorbers, steel structures, bent profiles, etc.

The most commonly used strip of hot-rolled steel is in mechanical engineering and other construction areas. It can be an element of most different metal structures, both assembled by welding and threaded connections.
From metal structures these can be:

Frame structures;
Railings, grilles, fences;
Frame structures, etc.

In the machine building from the strip of hot-rolled produce all kinds of parts for machines and units. It is also a material for the manufacture of other metal products, such as channel and steel bent corner. The band was also used in the manufacture of welding pipes.

On the basis of the metal strip produce springs, nuts, covers, overlays, etc. The most important area of ​​application of the steel strip is its use for grounding of buildings.