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Wire VR-1

Minimum order quantity from:5 ton

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Wire VR-1

Minimum order quantity from:5 ton
проволока ВР-1 купить цена

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The VR-1 wire is cold drawn (reinforcing wire), which is made of low carbon steel. The VR-1 wire is one of the most commonly used reinforcement materials in modern construction. The VR-1 wire is made from the rod of the Krivoy Rog iron mill.

The diameter of the VR-1 wire is 2.7 to 5 mm.
You can buy the VR-1 wire at the YUGSTAL plant in bays and bars, the length you need.

Application of VR-1 wire:

reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures;
reinforcement of reinforced concrete products (reinforced concrete products);
for production of masonry mesh;
for the production of panels of concrete fences;
for reinforcement of laying of aerated concrete blocks.