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Surface grinding is an abrasive process. It involves securing the object to a device that will hold it in place (a chuck) before slowly moving the object’s surface across a grinding wheel that’s spinning really fast. This will generate a flat plane wherever the machine comes into contact with the object. It also gives the object an even finish. The longer the wheel spends working on the cutting depth, as well as using a surface grinding wheel with a higher grit count will further improve the surface’s finish. By slowly increasing the depth of the cut the machinist will be able to achieve these things.
Materials Used In a Surface Grinder
There are 2 types of abrasive materials that are used within the grinding wheel:

  • Aluminum oxide is used whenever the materials that are being ground have a high ductility or the ability to permanently become deformed.
  • Silicon oxide is used whenever the materials that are being ground have a low ductility.

Regardless of what type of material you’re grinding (i.e. steel, aluminum, glass) the machine’s abrasive grains will allow for a smooth finish. Usually these abrasive grains are coated with diamonds.

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